Listen to a sample of THE FINAL RECONCILIATION audio book!

Yes, you read that correctly. THE FINAL RECONCILIATION has been recorded by none other than Joe Hempel. I’ve listened to it, and he did an incredible job. Seriously, this guy nailed the voice of Aidan Cross perfectly.

There isn’t a release date for the audio book yet, but I suspect it will be sometime next month. And you can listen to the first chapter right here:

More soon!


I’m speechless.

. . . So I’ll let these reviews speak for me:

“Keisling proves himself to be a master storyteller weaving a believable tale of an up-and-coming band with Chambers’ mystique from The King in Yellow. […] Even the ending of The Final Reconciliation is about as good as it gets and as a result this book receives my highest recommendation.” Cemetery Dance  

“I fully expect to see The Final Reconciliation on MANY year end best-of lists. You’ll want to be the person saying ‘Hell yeah it is!’ Not the person saying ‘Damn, I meant to read this!’ Stand in line if you have to, get your ticket early. Do whatever you have to do to get backstage entry. This story is metal.” The Eyes of Madness

“I’ve read other mythos stories involving musicians, Bleeding Shadows and Crawlin’ Chaos Blues springing to mind, but The Final Reconciliation is the best so far. Five out of five Yellow Signs.” Dangerous Dan’s Book Blog

THE FINAL RECONCILIATION is on sale now on Amazon Kindle for just $3.99. It’s time to take off your mask.


AHHHH! Early Reviews!

ARCs for THE FINAL RECONCILIATION went out earlier last month, and within the last 48 hours, reviews have been pouring in. When it comes to that old saying about artists being their own worst critics, I’m a walking stereotype. I always expect people to hate what I write. Sometimes I’m wrong, though. In the case of this story, I’m exceptionally wrong.

Here’s what people are saying about my book:

“‘The Final Reconciliation’ is, in my eyes, the perfect novella. Expertly paced and crafted, Keisling chooses show, don’t tell early on in the story to suggest of the horrors that lie in wait for the band.” – The Grim Reader

“Todd Keisling’s THE FINAL RECONCILIATION is a rock and roll nightmare set to the soundtrack of the end time. Take off your mask and rejoice!” – Glenn Rolfe, author of Blood and Rain

“Wow! Todd Keisling does not disappoint. Ever since I heard this book was coming out, I’ve been anticipating a killer story and you know what, Todd delivered!” – Horror Novel Reviews

“I highly recommend this tale. Todd’s skills are at their best here, and I cannot wait to see what comes next.” – The Writer from the North

“5 Guitar Solos out of 5.” – Into the Macabre

“It takes a considerable skill to be able to carry a reader along so effortlessly, even through the more surreal moments, yet Todd Keisling pulled it off, unquestionably.” – Kimberly’s Reviews

“I found this story to be a brilliant, original, modern-day take on ‘The King in Yellow’ mythos.  Especially for those that are into heavy metal rock bands. The writing was perfect and the setup for the story was excellent.” – Robin Lee’s Darkside

So . . . yeah. I’m beyond humbled by this. I’ve never had something get so much praise before. Thank you all.

The book goes on sale this Friday, February 3rd, but you can pre-order it right now for just 99 cents. Act fast, though, because that price is going up on release day. So don’t wait!


My Sunday Soundtrack: “Cirice” by Ghost

“I can feel the thunder that’s breaking in your heart / I can see through the scars inside you.”

This morning, a friend of mine asked me how much of Ghost’s music did I listen to while writing THE FINAL RECONCILIATION. I’m ashamed to admit that I only recently discovered Ghost, but better late than never, right? I’m in love with this band. This song, “Cirice,” is probably my favorite and I wanted to share. Enjoy:

Off the Deep End

Last week, Joe Mynhardt interviewed me for Crystal Lake’s Deep End series. The full interview is now live over at the website, and you can read it here.

Here’s a sample:

Joe: Can you recall a moment where you had to choose between being an author/artist and another career? A decisive moment where you decided to go all out?

TK: Once upon a time, I wanted to go to college and study graphic design, but that changed during my senior year of high school. I’d written a screenplay for a film class the year before, and for reasons that escape me, I decided to adapt it into a short story. That short story eventually grew into my first novel. I took the manuscript to school and proceeded to terrify my teachers with it. Their reactions drove me to reconsider my future, and the following year I began my journey toward a four-year English degree. The rest is history.

THE FINAL RECONCILIATION should be up for pre-order by the weekend. I’ll post again when it is.

One more thing: If you’re a book reviewer and would like to receive an ARC of the book, please send me an email with “ARC REQUEST” in the subject line! Email


2016: A Field on Fire

I know I’ve been AWOL here on the blog for the last several months, but I wanted to at least write my annual year-in-retrospect post. A lot of negative shit happened this year, guys, so instead of focusing on that hurtful stuff, I’m going to look at the positive things that happened.

I signed a two-book deal with Crystal Lake Publishing back in July, an arrangement that will actually spawn three releases for 2017. I am eternally grateful to Joe Mynhardt at Crystal Lake for taking a chance on these stories. I posted the cover for the first one last week, a novella I call THE FINAL RECONCILIATION. It will be released as a standalone eBook in February, and then in print as part of UGLY LITTLE THINGS: VOLUME TWO. I can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on the new material. I really think you’re going to dig it.

Beneath the Lake
On the heels of the book deal, I was also invited to host an official videocast series for Crystal Lake dubbed “Beneath the Lake.” We’re four episodes in, and despite some technical hiccups, it’s been a blast talking to my peers about their work. I’m grateful for the opportunity, and I can’t wait to see what next year brings.


After nearly two years of work, I published Anthony J. Rapino’s collection, GREETINGS FROM MOON HILL, and laid the groundwork for future titles from Precipice Books. (FYI: We still have two hardcover copies of Moon Hill left, if you’re interested.) I’m extremely proud of what we accomplished with this title; furthermore, I’m extremely proud of my friend, Mr. Rapino, for working his ass off on this thing. I’m honored that he put his trust in me to publish something so close to his heart. Thank you, my friend. An additional shout-out is due for Erin Sweet-Al Mehairi, who stepped in at the 11th hour to help us promote this monster. Thanks, Erin!


I’ve committed to writing for three anthologies next year and subbing to a fourth—none of which I can talk about just yet. All I can say is they’re all quite unique and exciting, and I’m honored to be a part of them.


NECON 36. I wrote about it in depth several months ago, but I have to mention it again here because it was an amazing experience. I returned from that conference reinvigorated and driven to write. I enjoyed it so much that I plan to attend next year, and this time Erica will be joining me.

This was also a year of meeting up with friends, many of whom I either hadn’t seen in years or had never met in person before. Amelia, Mercedes, Nikki, Brian, Gard, Eryk, Kel, Craig, Elisa, Jim, Kelsey—I miss you guys already. Well, most of you. Craig’s 50/50. 😉

Obie & Ophelia

Erica and I adopted two kittens this year—Oberon (or “Obie” as we call him) and Ophelia. The loss of Lear is still felt in our household, but these two youngsters have helped ease that pain.


I made an effort to read more books this year. Here are some of my favorites:


Finally, a new EP by Nine Inch Nails was released last week. There’s a song on it called “Burning Bright (Field on Fire).” I’ve been listening to it a lot, especially in the time I’ve written this post, and it seems fitting as we prepare to wave goodbye to the year.

I am forgiven.

I am free.

I am a field on fire.

So let’s burn 2017 to the ground. Happy New Year, everyone.