And now for some ULT news.

Hey, folks.

You’re probably wondering why I’ve been quiet these last few weeks, especially with a pair of books coming out next month. Here’s the thing: they aren’t coming out next month. After several conversations with my agent and with Joe, we’ve decided to push back the release of the book to September. Instead of two volumes, there will be one massive volume simply titled “UGLY LITTLE THINGS.” The edited manuscript is approximately 105k words.

The reasons for the change are something I can’t talk about right now, but what I can tell you is that I’m happy with this decision and that it will be good for the book. I’m extremely lucky to have such a dedicated team working on this release.

Aside from this, I thought I’d share another bit of news: I’ve committed to turning in a novel draft to my agent by April 2018. It’s a horror story that I began a few years ago for NaNoWriMo. It’s called SPIDERS IN THE LATTICE, and if I had to compare it to anything, it would be Stephen King’s REVIVAL meets H.P. Lovecraft’s FROM BEYOND.

There you have it, folks. I’ll talk to you all soon.


So this happened…

As of Friday, March 31st, I’m officially represented by Italia Gandolfo of Gandolfo, Helin & Fountain Literary Management. She’ll be my literary & media rights agent for all forthcoming projects. We already have something in the works, and no, I can’t talk about it because 1) It isn’t official, and 2) I don’t want to jinx it.

This is a huge step for me and my writing career. I’ll be honest, folks: It’s kind of weird. A good kind of weird, but weird nonetheless.

So, yeah. That happened. I guess I should get back to work, huh?

More soon!


Cleaning House.


Hey, folks. Apologies for the radio silence. I’ve been busy these last few weeks, but I’ve got some time to share some recent news.

  • THE FINAL RECONCILIATION audio book, narrated by Joe Hempel, is complete and was submitted to Audible for review a couple of weeks ago. Last I heard, it’s passed quality inspection and is being prepped for sale, so it should be available for sale in the next week or so. I’ve listened to the whole thing, and I assure you, Joe did a wonderful job with it. He captured Aidan’s rough voice perfectly. I can’t wait for this one to be released.
  • UGLY LITTLE THINGS: VOLUME ONE has a release date! It’s May 5th! For those of you keeping score, this is a reprint of the original collection that was published by Precipice in 2014. It’s being made available in paperback for the first time.
  • UGLY LITTLE THINGS: VOLUME TWO also has a release date! It’s May 19th! Yes, May is going to be an ugly little month. It will also be available in paperback, and will include some reprints and new material. Final Rec will also appear in this volume. Perhaps my favorite part, though, is the introduction written by my dear friend, Mercedes M. Yardley. Her kind words brought tears to my eyes.
  • The covers for both ULTs are being designed by Ben Baldwin. I’ll share them once they’re available.
  • Erica and I will be attending NECON 37 this summer in Rhode Island.
  • I currently have three projects in the pipeline for Precipice Books, none of which I’m ready to announce yet, but the first should happen in the next couple of weeks. It’s a collaboration with Joe Pulver and Luke Spooner, and I can’t wait to reveal it.

Speaking of Precipice: The release of GREETINGS FROM MOON HILL (which is now sold out, by the way) marked the beginning of a new direction for the . . . company? Project? Experiment? I like “Experiment” more, so let’s roll with that. My focus with this Precipice experiment is to produce high-quality limited edition hardcovers that are unique to their source material. The hardcovers of ULT and Moon Hill are proofs of that concept.

Unfortunately, for those two runs, we encountered some quality issues with the printer, LSI. The same issues, as a matter of fact. Twice now, their dust jackets have been folded incorrectly. I know that seems like a small problem, but when it’s more than half of a book order, it happens twice in a row, and you’re on a schedule, it’s something that can’t be ignored.

So I’m shopping around for a new printer.

Also, since the focus will be on limited edition releases, I’ve decided to take the Monochrome hardcovers out of circulation. I’m not saying they won’t appear in hardcover again in the future, but for now, they’re going to disappear (see what I did there?). That said, I’m not going to do it right away. If you want ALT & TLM hardcovers, you have until April before I take them out of circulation.

Additionally, I’ll be shifting the paperbacks for ALT & TLM over to a different printer/distributor in the coming months, so there may be periods of time in which they are not available. I’ll update here when that occurs.

I think that’s about it for now. I’ll post again once the Final Rec audio book is available.

Until then,


Listen to a sample of THE FINAL RECONCILIATION audio book!

Yes, you read that correctly. THE FINAL RECONCILIATION has been recorded by none other than Joe Hempel. I’ve listened to it, and he did an incredible job. Seriously, this guy nailed the voice of Aidan Cross perfectly.

There isn’t a release date for the audio book yet, but I suspect it will be sometime next month. And you can listen to the first chapter right here:

More soon!


I’m speechless.

. . . So I’ll let these reviews speak for me:

“Keisling proves himself to be a master storyteller weaving a believable tale of an up-and-coming band with Chambers’ mystique from The King in Yellow. […] Even the ending of The Final Reconciliation is about as good as it gets and as a result this book receives my highest recommendation.” Cemetery Dance  

“I fully expect to see The Final Reconciliation on MANY year end best-of lists. You’ll want to be the person saying ‘Hell yeah it is!’ Not the person saying ‘Damn, I meant to read this!’ Stand in line if you have to, get your ticket early. Do whatever you have to do to get backstage entry. This story is metal.” The Eyes of Madness

“I’ve read other mythos stories involving musicians, Bleeding Shadows and Crawlin’ Chaos Blues springing to mind, but The Final Reconciliation is the best so far. Five out of five Yellow Signs.” Dangerous Dan’s Book Blog

THE FINAL RECONCILIATION is on sale now on Amazon Kindle for just $3.99. It’s time to take off your mask.


AHHHH! Early Reviews!

ARCs for THE FINAL RECONCILIATION went out earlier last month, and within the last 48 hours, reviews have been pouring in. When it comes to that old saying about artists being their own worst critics, I’m a walking stereotype. I always expect people to hate what I write. Sometimes I’m wrong, though. In the case of this story, I’m exceptionally wrong.

Here’s what people are saying about my book:

“‘The Final Reconciliation’ is, in my eyes, the perfect novella. Expertly paced and crafted, Keisling chooses show, don’t tell early on in the story to suggest of the horrors that lie in wait for the band.” – The Grim Reader

“Todd Keisling’s THE FINAL RECONCILIATION is a rock and roll nightmare set to the soundtrack of the end time. Take off your mask and rejoice!” – Glenn Rolfe, author of Blood and Rain

“Wow! Todd Keisling does not disappoint. Ever since I heard this book was coming out, I’ve been anticipating a killer story and you know what, Todd delivered!” – Horror Novel Reviews

“I highly recommend this tale. Todd’s skills are at their best here, and I cannot wait to see what comes next.” – The Writer from the North

“5 Guitar Solos out of 5.” – Into the Macabre

“It takes a considerable skill to be able to carry a reader along so effortlessly, even through the more surreal moments, yet Todd Keisling pulled it off, unquestionably.” – Kimberly’s Reviews

“I found this story to be a brilliant, original, modern-day take on ‘The King in Yellow’ mythos.  Especially for those that are into heavy metal rock bands. The writing was perfect and the setup for the story was excellent.” – Robin Lee’s Darkside

So . . . yeah. I’m beyond humbled by this. I’ve never had something get so much praise before. Thank you all.

The book goes on sale this Friday, February 3rd, but you can pre-order it right now for just 99 cents. Act fast, though, because that price is going up on release day. So don’t wait!