Late to the party?

Photo courtesy of R.B. Wood.

That’s okay, I’ve got you covered. You can watch the whole ULT launch party right here. We had a blast. I read two stories, took questions, and gave away a lot of books. We had a great time. At least I did. I don’t know about you. Whatever you were doing last night, not watching me on camera. But that’s okay, I forgive you. 😉

UGLY LITTLE THINGS: COLLECTED HORRORS is available now in eBook and paperback. Amazon | B&N

#ULT Illustration 11

And now we’ve come to the final illustration. Here is Luke Spooner’s interpretation of “House of Nettle and Thorn.” UGLY LITTLE THINGS: COLLECTED HORRORS goes on sale this Friday. Yes, THIS Friday! I know, right? It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for this. You can now pre-order the paperback, which is currently 20% off on Amazon and B&N if you act now.

“You wanna know how I got these scars?”

Not real ones. Not unless you’re counting the scar through my eyebrow (I fell out of bed when I was a kid) or all these chickenpox scars. I’m talking about the ones you can’t see, the ones on the inside. The ones on my soul, man.

Too melodramatic? Fair enough.

But seriously, here’s a guest article I wrote for Frank Errington’s blog, talking about my horror pedigree and what my childhood was like. Spoiler: There’s lots of 80s horror goodness, highlighting Maximum Overdrive and Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn.

Looking back, I’m not sure what it was about them that captured my imagination so much. Maximum Overdrive is a terrible film (what I’d call a good “Bad” movie), but it has that Green Goblin truck, and it has some hilarious moments (the Ice Cream truck, the lawnmower, the vending machine at the baseball park). I say hilarious because, to a five-year-old, those scenes aren’t particularly scary. They’re inanimate objects coming to life—just like in the cartoons I also watched—but with a lot more bad language and AC/DC providing the soundtrack.

Read the full article here!


#ULT Release Party Next Week!

That’s right. I’m hosting a release party next Friday night at 8 PM EST. It’s being organized on Facebook, but I’ll be broadcasting from YouTube. So, if you’d like to see me read a story or two (there’s a poll going for which story over at the FB event page), or if you’d like to ask me anything about ULT, be sure to drop in. What do you say? Want to have a bad time?

Matt Molgaard of HNR needs your help.

I owe a great deal to Matt Molgaard. He took a chance on a no-name writer some years back, reviewed that writer’s books, and helped kick-start a fledgling writing career. Matt, his mother, Vitina, and everyone else at Horror Novel Reviews have been nothing but kind to me, folks.

And now, right now, Matt needs help. He’s currently in a coma after suffering from a severe stroke last week. I hope you folks know I don’t share something like this frivolously. Matt is literally fighting for his life right now.

This GoFundMe was set up to help his wife and kids while he’s out of commission. If you can pitch in a few bucks, please do. And if you can’t, please share this campaign on any social media stream you can. Matt’s given a lot to the horror community these last few years. It’s time we give something back.