Awkward Conversations with Geeky Writers: BLOODY VALENTINE EDITION!


Oh yes. The Geeky Writer Gang™ is kicking off their first broadcast of the year, and we want YOU to be there!

Join us on Friday, February 13th at 8 PM as we go live on YouTube. We’ll talk about our latest works-in-progress, upcoming releases, and other uncomfortable topics such as “Worst Valentine’s Day Ever” and “Who’s Tied Up in Eryk’s Basement?”

As with past iterations, links to the broadcast will be posted here on the Facebook event page a few minutes before we go live. You can tune into YouTube to catch our antics and ask any questions you might have right on the event page.

We hope you’ll consider joining us!

(Oh, and by the way–I’ll be giving away a couple of Kindle copies of ULT: VOLUME ONE during the broadcast, so if you want to win, you need to join the event and participate!)



My Sunday Soundtrack: Tool’s “Forty Six & 2.”


Okay, so I skipped a week. I’ll try to make these weekly, but you all know how life gets in the way sometimes. In any case, today’s pick is one of my favorite songs from Tool’s album “Ænima,” a little six-minute gem called “Forty-Six & 2.

I discovered Tool’s music in high school, a few years after this album was released and right around the same time I discovered Nine Inch Nails. Both were huge influences on me, and now, almost twenty years later, I still go back to one when I’m tired of the other. “Ænima” was my first Tool album. I’d heard a couple of the singles for “Stinkfist” and “Ænema,” but nothing else. This song was one of those first eye-openers that blew me away. I’ve been working on edits of ULT #5, a little story called THE OTHER LAND EXPRESS, and this song was one of two that I listened to heavily during its composition.

If you like what you hear, I strongly encourage you to purchase the album. You’ll thank me.



UGLY LITTLE THINGS: VOLUME ONE hits Kindles today. Did you pre-order? If so, you’ll find this small collection of stories is already corrupting the other books in your library.

And if you didn’t pre-order, well, allow me to point you toward this lovely book cover below. Clicking on it will take you to the Amazon page where you can purchase the book for a mere $3.99. Sales are greatly appreciated–and so are reviews! Feel free to leave an Amazon review, or maybe even one on Goodreads–or both!

You’re going to have a bad time.


“Ugly Little Things: Volume One single-handedly restored my faith for horror.”


I have no words, so I’ll let this HNR Review for ULT: VOLUME ONE speak for itself:

Ugly little Things: Volume One single-handedly restored my faith for horror: not only as a genre, but as a literary vehicle of exploration. There is substance in each of these tales that clings to your skin in sticky clumps. It knows what disturbs you and compels you to press on anyway.

And despite its shortcomings, which are really too insubstantial to name, (and really more relative to each story’s plot anyway) Todd Keisling has crafted a gem I’d gladly place in the pantheon of masterpieces. This is no longer literature but heart-wrenching and impressionistic art.

Yeah. That’s pretty fucking great. Read the rest of the review here. ULT: VOLUME ONE goes on sale tomorrow. See you then.


My Sunday Soundtrack: Tweaker’s “Call the Time Eternity”


If you’ve followed me for a while, you already know that music is an integral part of my creative process. I have eclectic tastes, and when I find something I like, I usually try to share it whenever possible. Hence this post. “Sunday Soundtrack” is something I hope to do, well, every Sunday. I’ll post a song (or a playlist) here for your enjoyment. Feel free to discuss it in the comments, or simply kick back and let it be the soundtrack to your day. And before anyone asks: No, I’m not getting any sort of referral fee for posting these links. I’m doing it because I want to spread the word.

First up: Tweaker‘s third album, Call the Time Eternity.

I was a huge Tweaker fan in college, even going so far as to write a novella about the album 2 AM Wake-Up Call, but in recent years I lost track of Mr. Vrenna’s exploits. Fast forward to last weekend. I discovered they’d released a third album three years ago. It was like Christmas.

If you like what you hear, I strongly encourage you to purchase the album: DirectAmazon | iTunes

More soon!


“One Fantastic Bundle.”



I woke up this morning and found a new review for the forthcoming ULT collection that’s too good not to share. Here’s an excerpt:

This is a delectable collection of short horror stories all in one fantastic bundle.

I took my time to read each and every one of the stories and it stood out to me how different each one was. I liked this, sometimes in short story collections you find all the stories a bit the same, a bit bland. Not here, Todd delivers up a mixed bag of horror fantastically.

It’s hard to rate a collection book as often you like some stories over others, but overall this book is easily a 4 star review for me. And I highly recommend it to horror lovers and those who are keen to delve in to horror for their first time. This is a good place to start.

Read the whole review here. Also check out Maxine’s standalone review of THE HARBINGER while you’re at it.

Yeah. It’s going to be a good day.


Righting the Ship: 2014 Sales Recap


About 15 months ago, I wrote a post titled “S.O.S.” in which I detailed just how poorly my books were selling. A lot of writers chimed in, both publicly and privately, to offer suggestions and feedback. The aftermath of that post led to my decision to release the stories I’d been working on as individual titles in an attempt to grow my catalog and reach more readers.

The first story went on sale on January 3rd, 2014. This post will discuss the year of sales data that followed that first on-sale date. In other words, this is a “business” post. If you’re just here for the fiction, my feelings won’t be hurt if you skip over this.


Five Tens with Glenn Rolfe at iHorror


Glenn Rolfe (whose latest novella ABRAM’S BRIDGE is pretty fucking great) put a gun to my head, gave me five topics, and told me to come up with ten favorites for each one. Here’s an example:

Ten Favorite Books That Would Surprise My Fans

Although I do maintain a steady diet of horror fiction, my tastes do go beyond the bounds of the genre. Here are ten books that fans of the Monochrome and Ugly Little Things may find surprising:

  • The New York Trilogy – Paul Auster
  •  The Stranger – Albert Camus
  •  The Canterbury Tales – Geoffrey Chaucer
  •  Shadow Without a Name – Ignacio Padilla
  •  The Summer Son – Craig Lancaster
  •  The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle – Haruki Murakami
  •  44, The Mysterious Stranger – Mark Twain
  •  City of Light, City of Dark – Avi & Brian Floca
  •  The Cheese Monkeys – Chip Kidd
  •  Neuromancer – William Gibson

Check out the full article over at iHorror.