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From the twisted mind that brought you THE HARBINGER comes a new tale of the macabre.

Following a devastating breakup, Jim Auster’s roommate Nick suggests an off-campus sorority party to cure Jim’s heartache. “Be my wingman tonight,” Nick tells him, “and I’ll introduce you to some of the ladies in my history class.” Jim is reluctant about being Nick’s wingman, but he figures the party beats sulking in his dorm room all night.

When they arrive, the unnerving atmosphere shakes Jim’s resilience. The neighborhood is abandoned, the sorority’s front gate bears the ominous effigy of a man in submission, and the sorority sisters’ strange talk of harvests and reconciliations only work to further disturb Jim.

Try to relax, he tells himself. It’s just a party. After all, a little socializing never hurt anyone . . .

In his latest ugly little thing, Todd Keisling invites readers on a journey into the depths of madness and desire. Welcome to the HOUSE OF NETTLE AND THORN. We’ve been expecting you.



“Brilliant stuff.”


First, my apologies to Nev. I was in the middle of the house move when this was originally posted, and I’m just now starting to dig myself out from all these boxes. Here’s a snippet of what Nev had to say about ULT:

I don’t know whether it’s because this one has dolls in it or not but this was one verrry creepy tale. It reminds me of some of the old Hammer Horror films I used to watch as a kid. I could imagine this being set in the 70’s. It has that sort of feel about it […] This is where you will start to get creeped out. There are no huge elaborate scenes to try and scare you. It’s the little, subtle things that do it. Something being in a different place than it was a few minutes ago. That sort of thing. It has quite a big ending and again brings me back to the old horror films. Brilliant stuff.

Yeah, I think he liked it. You can read his full review here.


TONIGHT! Awkward Conversations with Geeky Writers: HASHTAG Edition!

Awkward ConversationsSo we were all hanging out in the secret Geeky Writer bunker (which is not to be confused with the Free Hugs bunker—that’s down the street from Love Train Station) when we realized it’s been three months since our V-Day broadcast! With that in mind, The Geeky Writer Gang™ has a special hangout in store for you.

See, our very own Eryk Pruitt has a new novel out today. It’s called HASHTAG, and it promises to be just as dark and twisted as his debut. Since Eryk’s a pretty cool guy, we all thought we should host a special broadcast to kick off his new book, and to engage in the usual nightly shenanigans you’ve all come to know and love.
Join us tonight at 8 PM EST as we go live on YouTube to congratulate Eryk, talk about his latest release, and discuss whatever else comes to mind. Maybe we’ll finally find out who’s tied up in his basement!

There may even be giveaways, and you know what that means, folks: if you want a chance to win, you have to show up and PARTICIPATE! As with previous events, links to the broadcast will be posted on the Facebook event page a few minutes before we go live. You can tune into YouTube to catch our antics and ask any questions you might have right on the event page.

We hope you’ll consider joining us!



WORLD PREMIERE: Eryk Pruitt’s HASHTAG Book Trailer!

My good friend (and fellow Geeky Writer) Reverend Eryk Pruitt has a new book coming out in a couple of weeks, and to build some hype for its release, he’s put together a hard-boiled book trailer. CHECK IT OUT:

Here’s a little more about HASHTAG:

A twisted and sinister crime story with characters and a world you’ll be clawing for more of from the author of DIRTBAGS.

The repercussions are felt across the American South when a pizza joint in sleepy Lake Castor, Virginia is robbed and the manager, Odie Shanks, is kidnapped. The kidnapping is the talk of the town, but it’s what people don’t know that threatens to rip asunder societal norms. Odie chases dreams of Hollywood stardom and an explosive social media presence while his partner in crime, Jake Armstrong, pursues his own vengeful agenda.

In the meantime, corrupt and lazy Deputy Roy Rains has a hard-luck time of covering up the crime in order to preserve his way of life.

And college student Melinda Kendall has hit the highway in a stolen ride with nothing but a .22 and limited options, on the run from her drug dealer boyfriend, the Mississippi State Police and the media, trying to escape some bad choices by making even more bad choices.

All three are on a collision course from hell in this crime story that reads like a blood-spattered road map of the American South.


HASHTAG is available now for pre-order on Amazon, and goes on sale May 26th. Mark your calendars!


In which I unearth ancient history:

With settlement on my house fast approaching, this weekend was officially classified as “crunch time” for packing. Naturally I waited until the last minute to pack up my office, because reasons. Anyway, I unearthed two ancient artifacts.

The first:

Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.

I wrote most of ALT’s first draft by hand on legal tablets during lulls at my old law firm job. Then I’d type it all into Word at night. I don’t write like that much anymore–output from my brain to the keyboard is simply faster–but it’s a method that I’d recommend any writer do at least once. I’ve got several other tablets like this one, all filled with various scribblings, some ALT, some not. I posted this on Facebook yesterday and my friend Nikki told me they’d be worth a fortune some day. I doubt it, but hey, you never know. I just like to hang on to things like this because I like to look back and see how far I’ve come.

Oh, here’s that second artifact. This is my old student ID, circa 2004:

Yes, my first name is Robert. Don't tell anyone.
Yes, my first name is Robert. Don’t tell anyone.

The Keisling Scowl isn’t a new thing, folks. I’ve been perfecting it since I was an infant.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to post again before the move. Hope you all had a great weekend.


P.S. Call your mother and wish her a happy Mothers Day.

Chaotic silence.


My life is pure chaos right now. I’m sorry for the silence.

Today marks one week until settlement on my new home. I’m scatterbrained and nervous and excited all at the same time.
I’m slightly behind schedule on packing. I’m a little behind schedule on the release of ULT #6 (looking like late June, folks). I’m 100% behind schedule on Monochrome #3.

All of my free time is going to house-related things that require my attention. I have zero time for writing, and I’m getting that creative itch. I can’t scratch it and it’s driving me insane. Just a couple more weeks and then, if I’m lucky, things will settle down a little bit.

I’ll try to update here in the interim, but if I can’t, you probably won’t see any activity here until later in the month.

Oh! Before I forget: The next Geeky Writers broadcast is happening on May 26th in support of Eryk’s forthcoming novel HASHTAG. You’ll also get to see my new office then. I can’t wait.

Until then, if you need to reach me, use the Contact form here on my site—or send me a message on FB or Twitter. Links to my accounts are in the sidebar.

I think that’s all for now. See you folks on the flipside.


A Work in Progress: NONENTITY

Glenn Rolfe, author of the recently released BOOM TOWN, tagged me on Facebook earlier this week to participate in this “work in progress” blog tour. Since I’m hesitant to show you any bits of ULT #6 (which just wrapped up preliminary edits), I’ve decided to show you something else. Something you’ve all probably been waiting for. Here’s the (completely unedited) prologue for NONENTITY, the final Monochrome novel. Naturally, this is all subject to change, and though it goes without saying, it’s copyrighted (C) 2015 by Todd Keisling (e.g. Yours Truly).

So, here goes. This one’s for you folks. And Glenn, of course.

### (more…)