The home stretch.

All right, folks. After an exhilarating two months, we are now in the home stretch of the ALT 2.0 Kickstarter project.  There are now 4 days left.  We hit our pledge goal two weeks ago, at which point I set a new goal of $2500.  If  we can hit $2500, anyone who pledges $15 will not only receive a copy of ALT’s second, revised edition, but a plushy Cretin made by my wonderful wife, Erica.

$15. A copy of ALT in print, a digital copy in the format of your choice, and a plushy Cretin to sit on your shoulder while you read.  That’s what I call a “deal.”  So, if you want in on the goods and have been putting it off all this time (lookin’ at you, Hoss), now is the time.

I promise a real update following the craziness of the week.  The next Word Machines feature is also in the works.

Stay tuned.