The Last Push.

Once upon a time (about four years ago), I was hard at work on a novel called “imagiNATION.” At the time, it was the longest, most complex work I’d ever done.  I’d spent the previous nine months bringing it to life, and the end, finally, was in sight.  I set a schedule for myself.  I estimated I could have it done by a set date about a month into the future.

I stuck to that schedule, punching the keys, plugging away with progress, and accumulating a hefty word count. Then, one Monday morning at a certain law firm, I realized that if I had a full weekend to devote to it, I could easily reach the finish line. So I left work early on a Friday, went home, and did just that.  I wrote almost 25k words in a 24-hour period. I developed carpal tunnel in my right wrist. I slept little.

But I finished that draft.

Today I will leave work early. I will go home, I will have a short nap, I will eat something, and then I will close the door to my office. I will work.

There will be occasional updates. Keep one eye trained here, and the other on Twitter.

This weekend, the first draft of THE LIMINAL MAN will be completed.


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