Normally I don’t have much to warrant a “weekly recap” of things, but this past week was special for a number of reasons.  In case you didn’t feel like showing up, here’s what you missed:

  • Word Machines: Kirsty Logan – The first of a (hopefully long-running) feature series about fellow writers.  Kirsty agreed to be the first, and it appears to have been a hit. Go read it and discover her fiction. It’s awesome.
  • Call for Suggestions – I’ve already received a few suggestions regarding other writers to feature, but I’m still looking for more.  You can email me right here and tell me why I should shine the spotlight on their work.
  • The Last Four – I’ve outlined the last four chapters of THE LIMINAL MAN. It’s the home stretch. In fact, Ch. 10 will be finished this weekend, which leaves only three.  Well, there’s an epilogue, of course, but we’re not counting that as a chapter.  Otherwise it would be called “Chapter,” wouldn’t it? Don’t get sassy with me.
  • Kickstarting ALT 2.0 – The latest post, in which I discuss my decision to retire the first edition of ALT and seek funding for a more direct, more polished, more prestigious second edition.  We’re already 16% of the way to the goal – and there’s still plenty of time left to make your pledge!

Exciting things on the horizon, folks. Now I’m off to get some work done. Try not to melt in this June heat.

Until next time (probably next week),