A letter to Ariel Gore.

Dear Ariel,

I wrote a rather lengthy post over  a year ago about your book.  It came at a very important time in my life.  I’d spent most of 2008 away from writing, hiding from something I wrote and self-published because I thought I was ashamed of it.  I considered walking away from this business. Away from the craft. This blog sat stagnant for many months because I was afraid I had nothing to say, and no one would read it anyway, so what did it matter?

Then your book showed up on my doorstep. It was a random gift from a relative who happened upon my Amazon wish list. I forgot I’d even added it, and when I saw it, it took me a moment to remember where I’d seen that title (it was from Chuck Palahniuk’s site, The Cult).

Like you, I’m a slow reader. I have to take my time with books. I started yours with the same approach, taking a little at a time, expecting it to be just like all the other “How to” books I read in college. The thing about your book is, it’s easy to read, and it’s not full of bullshit. Your book doesn’t talk down to its audience. It doesn’t say “this is the only way to do it,” and I appreciate that. It offers suggestions. It’s a travel guide into the world of publishing for newcomers and people like me who thought they’d lost their way.

I finished your book in days instead of a few weeks. It renewed my interest and desire. I embraced that book I wrote, and I started working on the next one. That was back in February of 2009.

Now it’s May of 2010. I’m still working on that book. I had some set-backs, I had a lot of trials, but the book is on track. It’s nearing the 75% completion mark, and just crossed the 70k word threshold. I picked up your book again this week, looking for reassurance, and I’m happy to say it’s still there.

So, from one writer to another, I have to say thanks, Ariel. Thanks for helping this writer get back on track. I will not forget it.