Candle’s Warning

I’m going to be perfectly honest with you.  I never expected I’d be typing this blog, about this topic.  It seemed like a pipe dream.  Now it’s a reality, and words are failing me.  I’m so happy with the way this turned out.  Emma and her crew deserve your applause.

At long last, here is the book trailer for ALT:

A Life Transparent Trailer from Donovan Candle on Vimeo.

A YouTube link will follow soon. Here is the YouTube link.

We chose Vimeo for the launch for better quality. Feel free to share this on your own blog or social networking site of your choosing.  Digg it, Reddit, email it.

This trailer wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the following people:


Sean Michael Errey (as Donovan Candle)

Brittney K. Robbins

Randy Nanjad

Emily Fister

Jillian Clair

Daniel Goldberg

Raúl José


Travis Conrad Reichstein


Dan Goldberg

Emma Fissenden

I’m thanking these folks from the bottom of my heart.  They came together under a ridiculously tight deadline and made it happen.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now I’m going to call it a night while I’m still riding on a cloud.


2 thoughts on “Candle’s Warning

  1. Well I gotta say it’s a pretty cool trailer, Sean looks like Donovan, and if that is Sean’s voice throughout the trailer then it is spot on. I really liked it so everyone deserves a round of applause. Now if only the trailer can be shown on the big screen with a release date for an ALT movie…

    1. Hey Matt,

      Dan Goldberg did the voice over. I tried to do it myself but, well, that’s just not my sort of thing.

      For as cool as it would be, I don’t see an ALT movie happening any time soon.

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