My wife is awesome.

Erica is awesome, not just because she takes care of me when I’m sick, or bakes a lot of treats for me, or even because she’s my best friend.  No, Erica’s awesome because, when I told her I needed to record some audio for the ALT trailer, she made a pop screen and had it ready for me when I got home. Observe:

Okay, seriously.

This was made using a wire paper holder for the base (the kind that keeps a paper upright while you type), two wooden crochet needles, an embroidery hoop, one nylon stocking, a USB microphone courtesy of Rock Band 2, and lots of tape.

Unfortunately I’m not very much of  a dramatic speaker, so my voice over was re-recorded (which is fine by me) with someone who knows what they’re doing.  But, we’ll have this contraption to remind us and inspire a good laugh.