On the March

Hello, folks.  Here we are on March 1st (or, I suppose, March 2nd depending on your locale), and I’m wondering where February went.  Perhaps it ran off to where January went, and December before it.  I suppose I’ll never know.

Right, anyway, what have I been up to these last few weeks?  Writing, of course.  Revisions are moving along well enough, considering I’m reworking the plot as I go along.  Today I’ll be hacking away at the middle of chapter four.  As expected, fewer changes are required as I go along.  I hope to begin part two this month.

February was not without its distractions.  Between the horrid weather, missed time at work, and Bioshock 2, I had plenty to keep me busy.  I read Joe Hill’s HORNS, which I highly recommend, especially if you liked HEART-SHAPED BOX.  I’m in the middle of reading the comic series THE WALKING DEAD, which is playing out as most zombie stories do, but with more humanity than most (even if it has a bit too much melodrama).  I’m enjoying it.

This past weekend as Gabe’s weekend.  The little spud turned seven on Friday, which makes me feel all sorts of old.  He was just a little over a year old when Erica and I started dating, and he’s grown up to be an inquisitive, intelligent kid.  He had a party on Saturday at the bowling alley with all his friends at school.  While the staff at Berks Lanes were lacking in their capacity for just about everything, the kids did have fun, and that’s the important part.  They had an hour of bumper bowling, and he even managed to score his first strike (if you were watching my Twitter feed on Saturday, you probably witnessed my excitement).  I just hope Gabe doesn’t want another party there next year.  Whoever thought it was a great idea to schedule four separate birthday parties in the same room is a moron.

Sunday was another party, but with family.   Gabe and I hid ourselves away in his room playing Banjo Kazooie.  He loves that game, and it’s fun to watch him play.  I’ve created a monster.   Overall the boy got a lot of gifts, from knights and dragons to go along with the castle he received at Christmas, to this cool microscope that connects to his TV.  When asked how it feels to be seven, he responded, “It feels great.”

Can’t argue with that.  Now I have to work on feeling great about being 27 in a month.

Well, time to step away from this thing.  I’ll be back shortly.

Until then,


One thought on “On the March

  1. Glad to see things are going well Todd. Though I found it funny that you mentioned Joe Hill’s HORNS, for I just ordered a hard copy this past Friday. I haven’t read HEART-SHAPED BOX ever since I got it from you because of school, but I have read 20th CENTURY GHOSTS and most of the short stories in there appealed to me a lot so I had to get HORNS.

    Anyway, good luck on your writing, congrats on Gabe turning seven, and don’t worry bout turning twenty-seven, you got a long way to go still.

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