Why I didn’t go to work today.

We knew this mess was coming, piggybacking on a previous storm over the weekend.  I just came inside from taking these photos and an accurate measurement of just how much snow is on the ground (which is 25 inches and climbing).  I’ve been awake off and on since 6:30 this morning.  It’s now noon, and I’ve yet to hear a snow plow go down my street.  There are a couple of guys across the street slaving away with shovels and snow blowers, but it’s not doing much good; the snow is still coming, and it’s not projected to stop until sometime around midnight.

They closed the office where I work around 9 last night.  I got up at my usual time, called in, and heard the message that was left for all employees.  I surveyed the white landscape and went back to bed for a few hours.  As you can see, there’s a lot of snow.  Keep in mind this is piling on what we had last weekend.  While this looks bad, I think Maryland got it worse.

Since this is my first official snow day since college, I wanted to share with you the wonder and excitement, and if you happen to live around these parts, don’t be dumb and try to drive in it.  It’s pretty, but it will kill you.

Now I’m going to go curl up on my sofa and enjoy this impromptu day off.

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “Why I didn’t go to work today.

  1. OMG! This is wild. Bless your heart. I hope you have plenty of food stored up. Keep us posted with your pictures and please be safe…..

    Bob is on his way to FL to watch the Daytona race, i hope you sent this to him as well. 🙂

    Call me if you need anything.

  2. Nice photos Todd, I’d be jealous if it weren’t for the lack of mobility. It’s currently a very balmy 30 degrees here, want to swap? ;P

  3. I just can’t imagine that sheer volume of snow! 6 inches here and i couldn’t get out of the neighborhood for days. We’ve NEVER seen a snow plow in our neighborhood 🙂

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