Long drives and heavy thoughts.

Well, I’m back in some capacity.  Erica and I drove to Kentucky for the extended weekend to visit family and eat our share of unhealthy food.  We went, we saw, and we gorged.  We drove home on Monday.  The drive consists of many highways, gas stops, pee breaks, and a race to see long we can go without stopping anywhere in West Virginia.  As is the way of things, we woke on Monday morning quite sick.  I managed to overcome it by Tuesday, but as of this writing, Erica’s still afflicted with those foul Kentucky germs.  The drive usually takes about 12 hours due to a combination of steep mountains and traffic through Harrisburg and Charleston, and it wasn’t made any easier because we were sick.

Somehow I managed to get us home in a little over 10 hours.

It was nice to visit family.  I’m glad I took along the last of my copies of ALT, because I managed to sell every last one of them.  There was even an impromptu signing event.  It’s been a while since I had to sign a copy of the book and, like the last time, I had a hard time thinking of something to write.  If you’re one of the folks who bought a signed book on Thanksgiving, and you’re disappointed by the inscription, I whole-heartedly apologize.  I was in the throes of a turkey coma, and that’s never a good thing in the business of autographs.  To date only one photo of the event has emerged, but once more show up, I’ll post them here.

I packed up all the plastic instruments necessary to play Rock Band 2.  Much to my surprise, it was a huge hit, and Erica has damning video of a certain family member singing “Ironic” loudly and out of tune. I’m withholding this footage in the event that it ever comes in handy.

I don’t know about you folks, but I usually find it best to think about something I’m working on when I’m either taking a shower or driving for a long period of time.  During our sickly drive back, and while Erica slept, I thought about some recent feedback I received on the first part of TLM.  It concerns the opening of the book, disappointment with the protagonist concerning his state of mind when things left off on such a positive note at the end of ALT (no spoilers), and the second chapter, which is apparently a “page-turner.” So I thought about it, and thought some more, and somewhere across the West Virginia-Maryland border, I decided to take another step back before going forward.  It’s going to require a lot of work–more so than the last time–but the end result is going to work so much better.  Chapter Two will become a prologue.  Chapter One will expand, opening on a more intriguing note, and what exists as the current opener will now become a closer.

This means I’m back at it this weekend.  We’ve got a lot of catching up to do, with Christmas shopping to be done for Gabe, decorating the apartment, and cleaning my office. Mostly, though, I hope to be writing. Seeing as how we just reached the conclusion of November and National Novel Writing Month, I’m curious to see how many of you (if any) participated and hit your 50k word goal.
Oh, and your holiday, too.  How was it?


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