Clever little thing.

My wife is one of the most resourceful people I know.  The ingenuity she possesses never ceases to astound me.  A couple of years ago the driver seat in our car was unable to roll back.  This presented a rather big problem.  Being a tall guy, I have to have the seat moved as far back as it can go; Erica, on the other hand, is almost a full foot shorter than I am, and has to have the seat up farther.  I can’t drive with my knees in the way, so we put a lot of wear on the car seat, moving forward and back.  One day it locked in place and refused to move.  Unfortunately it was in Erica’s position.  I tried everything I could to move that seat, and to no avail.  She had to drive me to work that day.

Later, when I called home to discuss taking the car to the dealership, she told me we didn’t have to.  Erica fixed it in less than five minutes with some tape and a bent wire hanger.  This was the first fix of money, and over the last year or so she’s turned her resourcefulness toward more creative ends.  Sure, she still manages to fix the odd thing here or there, but since she was laid off from her design job last year, she’s spent most of her free time making stuff.

I made that sound more sinister than it really is.  In truth, the only sinister part about it is that her crafting has left our living room in a constant state of disarray.  As time went on after her lay off, and the job market continued to flounder, I suggested she put her creative outlet to work.  So, after a Summer’s worth of prepping, I’m happy to announce that she opened her own store on Etsy this week.  She’s selling homemade jewelry and bead work, and she’ll also be listing some of her textile things as well.  Take a look, peruse the goods, and buy something for yourself or someone else.  They make great gifts (insert proverbial wink and nudge here).

Clever Little Thing on Etsy


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  1. About the steel swirl ring, will the metal actually change after wearing it for so long? Just wondering, thanks. 🙂

  2. I use galvanized and dark annealed steel for all my pieces, the reason for this (aside from the aesthetic value) is that galvanized steel can be used as clothesline and is resistant to rust and other discoloration. Annealed steel is pre-oxidzed and has a beautiful deep bronze / black appearance and will not oxidize further, nor will it transfer to the skin. Like all jewelry galvanized and annealed steel must be cleaned. Over time the oils from skin can discolor the piece. Please have a look at the cleaning information listed in the shop policies section of my site for the best methods for keeping your jewelry looking like new.

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