No agent? No publisher? No marketing budget? No problem.

Ever since the book club thing came about, I’ve fallen into a habit of checking my rankings every weekend.

Today I noticed two things:  First, Amazon replenished stock of A LIFE TRANSPARENT. Always a good sign.

Secondly, I noticed this:


Emphasis is mine, of course. For a little perspective, the book used to hover in the millions. A couple of weeks ago it hit 500k. Last week it went up to 700k. Now this.  For a little book I self-published, without the backing of a corporate entity, a professional editor, or an agent, it’s certainly doing better than quite a few others.

In the words of Danny DeVito, my balls are on fire.

With that, I bid you good evening.


One thought on “No agent? No publisher? No marketing budget? No problem.

  1. Sorry to burst your bubble (I’ve been pretty excited myself), but the Amazon sales rank depends heavily on the minute. If you’ve just sold a book (or maybe two, not sure), your book goes up to nearly 100k or so. However, it will very quickly lose momentum, about 100-200k a day. The sales rank is really about velocity and current sales, nothing to do with total sales. (This is not official data, but based on how I’ve seen my CFS/ME/FM book rank on Amazon in the past 1.5 years.)

    I still think your success with the book has been pretty impressive. I’ve only been able to sell a handful of my novel despite active marketing (and using the advice from John Kremer’s book marketing book, which should be required reading for all authors).

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