In media res.

I’ve not written here lately because I’ve been writing elsewhere, and it’s always a good thing when I’m writing elsewhere.

Progress continues on THE LIMINAL MAN. Chapter Five is taking a while because I had to get my bearings. I reached a point at the end of Part I in which things branched off into multiple plotlines, and I had a number of places to serve as possible starting points.  Figuring out which one, though, was the tricky part, and I think I’ve got it ironed out.  I certainly hope so.  I estimate I’m about halfway through the chapter.

In the time I spent sorting out the chapter’s beginnings, I also plotted every chapter in Part II, which will tentatively end with chapter eight’s conclusion (and may or may not be titled “Ghosts”). Beyond that, I have ideas, but they’re not firm.

Things I do know:

  • It will have an epilogue.
  • How it will end.

Things I don’t know:

  • I’m not sure it can be summed up in three parts.  I’ll have a better idea once I get to the end of the second part.

Sorting out a long story’s structure is one of my biggest hang-ups. It’s one of the reasons the imagiNATION re-write hit a brick wall, and why some ideas haven’t got off the ground yet (like the expansion of Migration of the Butterfly). This is the number one reason why this book’s taking me so long. Like I told Erica a couple of days ago, I’m fighting myself every step of the way. I realized, looking back over my notes, that I’d intended to have the book finished by now.  I’m only a third of the way through it.  Early on I think I expected it to be a quick one-two punch like ALT was (less than two months to write that one), but I also didn’t expect this story to grow as it has.

I will say that exploring this story and its many intricacies is proving to be quite challenging and fulfilling at the same time. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And that’s really all for now, as far as TLM is concerned. I didn’t want to leave you folks hanging.

So, until next time,