Iterations, Variations, and Other Things

You’ve probably noticed a slight change in the site this week. It’s okay. Do not adjust your set. It’s just a new layout, some new content, that sort of thing. The last theme served us well over the last couple of years but it was time to move on to something a bit more elegant. Something that had more of a professional quality to it.

Things added:

FAQs. Yes, that’s right. Frequently Asked Questions. I get some of the same questions over and over, so it made sense to put them in one place. It’ll be updated as more things repeatedly come up and I get tired of repeatedly answering them.  Repeatedly.

Books. For now it points to the ALT page. Soon it will point to a landing page compiling past and present items, as well as future works (namely THE LIMINAL MAN).

Bio. As in, Biography. As in, the Neopolitan Biography of Yours Truly. It comes in three flavors: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

A contact page will follow soon.  For now, there’s the email address.

“But Todd, what happened to your logo?” Well, that’s coming. Changing, in fact, to something better. Something less campy. The alienhead thing has played itself out and isn’t really applicable anymore, so it’s time to move on. The new logo will be up soon.

On your right are some links to where you may follow me if you wish. There’s the RSS link for blog syndication (if you’re a previous subscriber, you’ll need to update to this new feed), the Facebook fan page, the Twitter account and my profile on Goodreads. All accounts are linked to this blog, so whatever goes here also goes there too.  More pertinent content will follow (self-promotion, recommended reading, blogroll, etc.) in the next few days.

As for writerly things, I’ve started plotting the second part of TLM, and I’ve begun chapter five.  This is a way more complicated book when compared to its predecessor, and a kind of story I’m not used to telling, so I’m taking my time with it, making sure all the plot lines fuse together and work in harmony. If you want to read a sample, The Clearfield Review has your fix.

That’s about it for now. Have an issue or just want to be heard? Leave a comment and let me know.