The Smile Factory

Well, after more than a decade, I finally wrote a story about my day job. And it’s a weird one, folks. Really weird. Probably the first story of mine that I’d actually consider 100% weird fiction, with a hint of cosmic and bizarro thrown in for good measure.

This story will be printed as a limited run chapbook and will debut at NECON 38 this July. I’ve already received questions about availability for sale online, and for now, I’m hesitant to commit to anything beyond this chapbook run. I’ll be doing this through Precipice (our first release since Rapino’s Moon Hill in 2016).

I’ve never done a formal chapbook before, but after collecting/reading the offerings of Jon Padgett, Barry Lee Desaju, Catherine Grant, Cat Scully, and Bracken MacLeod over the last several months, I’m eager to try this format.

Here’s the cover:


The story is approximately 9k words and will run about 30 pages or so. I’ll have more info as we get closer to NECON.

Stay tuned.