The Aurora Interview

Earlier this year, I was interviewed for the 2018 Spring edition of Aurora, Eastern Kentucky University’s literary journal. I talk a little bit about what it was like growing up in southeastern KY. Here’s a snippet:

Southeastern Kentucky isn’t known for being an intellectual mecca, so I had to find my creative outlets where I could. Comics, novels, video games, film, and drawing. Sports weren’t my thing, I wasn’t popular in school, I didn’t hang with the cool kids or wear the trendy clothes. I was a goth kid, wearing T-shirts for bands like Nine Inch Nails and Tool. I was the artsy kid, the English nerd, and in that respect, I’d say that it was also hazardous to my health.

You can read the whole thing (along with the rest of Aurora’s spring issue) right here. And please do–these kids worked hard on pulling this issue together.