Matt Molgaard of HNR needs your help.

I owe a great deal to Matt Molgaard. He took a chance on a no-name writer some years back, reviewed that writer’s books, and helped kick-start a fledgling writing career. Matt, his mother, Vitina, and everyone else at Horror Novel Reviews have been nothing but kind to me, folks.

And now, right now, Matt needs help. He’s currently in a coma after suffering from a severe stroke last week. I hope you folks know I don’t share something like this frivolously. Matt is literally fighting for his life right now.

This GoFundMe was set up to help his wife and kids while he’s out of commission. If you can pitch in a few bucks, please do. And if you can’t, please share this campaign on any social media stream you can. Matt’s given a lot to the horror community these last few years. It’s time we give something back.