Untitled on Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks.

A few things:

I’m still working on bringing the site back up to speed.  Erica’s finished her part in things, though I still run crying to her whenever something doesn’t work (because I left out a bracket in my html) or it’s not loading in Internet Explorer for some reason.  I think that brings me to ask:  how many people here are viewing this site with IE?  We tested the site in every major browser, with the exception of Safari in a Mac environment because we don’t own a Mac.  For a couple of days those shiny new social networking links to the left weren’t loading in IE, Safari or Chrome for some reason.  We put them in a different folder and changed them to .gif files.  Now they work fine.*  Weird, huh?  I could never do this sort of thing for a living.  I simply don’t have the patience for it.

(*Please email me if they aren’t displaying properly for you.)

I had a really great idea for the book over the weekend, only it came to me while I was falling asleep and I couldn’t wake myself up.  Naturally that great idea was gone the following morning, which leads me to believe it wasn’t that great after all.  This didn’t keep me from kicking myself over it, though.  I sat down yesterday and started scribbling a little on chapter four.  I’ll be the first to say that writing this book is single-handedly one of the most fulfilling and, simultaneously, frustrating things I’ve ever done.  ALT came out of nowhere, forced my hand and was done in two months.  I’ve officially been working on this one for three months, and I’m only a quarter of the way through it.  Different novels, I guess.  It’s fulfilling to get the story out of my head and to visit Mr. Candle’s world once again.  It’s frustrating because I just realized that, in order to go forward, I have to go back to the end of chapter two and change some things around.  Seeing as how things are built upon one another, this means rearranging and altering some things in chapter three.  Such is the writing life, I guess.  I know it’s frustrating now, but it would be even more frustrating to go back and do it once the whole novel is finished.  So today I’ll be trimming chapter two, cutting out a conversation between Donovan and his wife that spills everything out all at once, and then readjusting some things in chapter three.  In total, it won’t amount to a lot of work.  It’s just the thought of going back to go forward, and in any case, I’m only bitching.

Scored a couple of tickets to see NIN next month in Camden, NJ.  The seats aren’t great – in fact, they’re not seats at all, if that gives you any  indication – but it’s their last tour for the foreseeable future, and they’re playing some songs that have either never been played or not played in 15 years or so.  Add to the fact that Reznor’s been touring for roughly four years straight and he just got engaged, and I can’t say I blame him for putting the band on hiatus.  In any case, it’ll be a blast seeing them live again.  Seeing Jane’s Addiction on the same night is a nice perk, too.

My 360 died, suffering the same fate as so many consoles before it.  Yes, it succumbed to the dreaded red ring of death.  Its coffin arrived in the mail yesterday.  We held a ceremony.  I wept.  Then I transferred its remains to the box, sealed it up, and sent it to that great repair center in Texas.  Should be back in two weeks.  If anyone reading this happens to be one of my friends on Live, I’ll probably be back online near the end of the month.

I think that’s about it for now.  Now I’m off to finish tweaking this site and to get back to work on the book.  Later, folks.


2 thoughts on “Untitled on Tuesday

  1. Just to let you know, I opened the site in Safari on my Mac and everything looked A-OK.

    You work a lot faster than I do! Even if I exclude the months of procrastination, the planning and writing for my “thing” has taken a while.

    I thought about getting tickets for the NIN/Jane’s Addiction show in this area, but it was already packed when I checked and I’m not sure I want to venture checking again. Maybe something else will come through this summer that I want to see.

  2. Thanks, Mer. Yeah, we’re going to the NIN/JA tour on June 5th. So Trent really looked in your eyes and said that, huh? I can top that. I saw them back in ’05 at the Electric Factory in Philly for their tiny club tour. Trent Reznor was no more than five feet away from me. We held eye contact for the duration of “The Wretched.”

    Later he tore shit up.

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