Early #ULT Reviews!

A pair of early ULT reviews hit the internet this week. Check ’em out:

From HorrorAddicts.Net:

“Ugly Little Things is a book about the human spirit, but the human spirit doesn’t always triumph. Even when you get what you want, there is a dark side to it, and that’s what Ugly Little Things is about. This is a book that’s shocking and disturbing, but most of all, it’s a look at what happens to people when they can’t handle the horror of life.”

From Uncaged Book Reviews:

“A collection of various horrors all of them with their own little twists and turns […] You won’t need the lights on but you may need to check under your bed before you go to sleep. I hear those dolls have a great story to tell you. Sweet dreams tonight.”

UGLY LITTLE THINGS: COLLECTED HORRORS is available now for pre-order on Amazon Kindle. Paperback edition pre-orders will be available later this month.