Mercedes M. Yardley’s NAMELESS re-release is available now!

What the hell is a Bone Angel, anyway?

In case you’ve been living beneath a rock these last few months, my good friend Mercedes M. Yardley’s first novel, NAMELESS: THE DARKNESS COMES, was picked up by Crystal Lake Publishing earlier this year. It’s slated for re-release . . . today!

I really enjoyed this book. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I wrote a review for it—which isn’t something I normally do. Here’s what I had to say:

won’t recap the plot because you owe it to yourself to discover it on your own. All you need to know going into this is that the story walks a fine line between light and shadow, heartache and triumph. Are there demons? Oh yes. Some of them are amusing; others are terrifying–and caught in the middle is Luna Masterson, the smartass, hard-edged, and entirely likeable protagonist.

What I enjoyed most about novel is its pacing and the author’s style. The book is plotted well enough that you’ll find difficulty in putting it down. Seriously. I finished the latter 50% of this book in a single sitting.

Although Yardley’s style has been described as “whimsical,” I personally think “disarming” is a better way to describe it. The prose is light, quick, snappy–and catches you off guard when the darkness seeps up from the cracks, bringing with it all sorts of nasty, vile things filled with hate and malice. Yardley utilizes this to great effect, structuring the plot around a series of escalating events that put Luna through the motions until you’re left wondering if she can hold it together.

Can she?

I’m not telling–but what I will tell you is that Mercedes Yardley’s debut novel does not disappoint. Why not step into the shadows and find out for yourself?

For a limited time you can snag the Kindle edition for just 99 cents, so stop wasting your time here. You could be reading this wonderful book.


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