2 thoughts on “This should go without saying, but . . .

  1. What would be wrong with you getting more readers? I’ve categorized this book before as “Kind of sci-fi-y. Not really, but maybe a little bit not at all.” Why would I do this? Because your book has genre-defying appeal. Because sci-fi readers buy books. And I’m all about you reaching a wider audience and selling more books. Don’t be like a dumb hipster band that wants to make sure people don’t call them “banjo-core” (or whatever stupid genre names exist these days) because they would prefer to be categorized as “alt-bluegrass” or whatever.

    1. Nothing wrong with getting more readers. It’s got more to do with reader expectation. If a hardcore science fiction fan picks up ALT, they are going to be sorely disappointed–and will then leave a negative review bitching about how it’s the worst sci-fi ever written, etc. I’m exaggerating, but you get the idea. The book DOES have genre-defying appeal, but I completely disagree that “sci-fi” falls anywhere in that equation with this book. And can we agree that “Banjo-core” is a really dumb name?

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