My Sunday Soundtrack: “Coil” by Opeth

Opeth Watershed

Been listening to this one repeatedly for the last few days because I’ve been struggling with the best way to approach a scene involving Donovan’s wife. This song is her song, in a lot of ways. When we last saw Donna Candle at the end of TLM, she was in a pretty fragile emotional state. She was upset, hurt, confused–there’s a lot of negative emotions running through her heart and mind at the end of that book. Amelia said something to me about Donna’s character during our final pass of TLM’s edits: “Don’t forget about this for book 3.”

I haven’t, and I won’t. Donovan and Donna’s relationship has been the foundation of the series, and I know that Don’s actions at the end of book two have damaged that foundation in some ways. I don’t yet know how severe. That’s for Donna to decide.