Drawing Donovan Candle


I decided to take another stab at sketching characters last night. Last weekend I managed to pull off Aleister Dullington. He turned out far better than I thought he would. This weekend, however, I wanted to attempt to draw Donovan Candle.


I began with a photo reference of David Byrne from his younger years. In my imagination, Donovan’s always looked a bit like the singer for the Talking Heads. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned that publicly, but it’s one of the reasons why I chose the song “Psycho Killer” for the opening of TLM. Anyway, after many scrapped doodles (because I always have a difficult time getting the correct proportions), Donovan’s face started to come together. The hair didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, but that’s something else I’ve always had trouble with.

When Amelia saw it, she immediately recognized it as Donovan, which is rather interesting because I’ve never really described him (for reasons discussed previously). She did clarify that this is “Book 1” Donovan, and I agree with her assessment. He’s younger and tired (I tried to emphasize the bags under his eyes). He hasn’t yet experienced the horrors of the Monochrome, and he’s much less defined here than he is at the end of TLM.

Before I close, I’ll share a song with you. I listened to this on repeat while I drew last night. It seemed fitting:

More soon.