My pal Joe.


Meet Joe Bannerman. I’ve never met this guy in person, but I know him online. He’s one of my readers. A few months ago, Joe suffered a stroke and had to undergo an emergency surgical procedure called Parietal Temporal Craniotomy. The surgery was a success, but the aftermath has taken its toll on him. The stroke left him partially paralyzed on his left side, necessitating intensive physical rehabilitation.

Admittedly, I wasn’t in the loop on most of this–I just knew that he’d had to have surgery and that he was on a long road to recovery. I learned the details today when he shared a GoFundMe campaign on Facebook. The campaign was set up to help his family with the onslaught of medical bills that have started to roll in. Having dealt with that same onslaught myself just a couple of years ago, I know all too well how quickly the bills can pile up and overwhelm a person.

So, to help out Joe and his family, I’m going to share the GoFundMe campaign here. Give a buck, give ten bucks, give a hundred–it doesn’t matter. Every cent is one more than they had before. And if you can’t spare a penny, maybe you can spare a few seconds to share this campaign with others. Every little bit helps.

Thanks for your time, folks.