Announcement #1: Monochrome T-Shirts!


A million years ago, I had some T-shirts printed for the release of TLM. After they sold out, I heard from a number of folks who wanted to know when I’d have more shirts. Until now, I haven’t really had an easy, economically-viable way to make it happen. The shirts I had before were screenprinted by a couple of friends of mine who gave me a really good price for a set number of shirts that were paid for in advance. I can’t really afford to do that again, and most of the print-on-demand places charge a fortune for custom designs. Then I discovered Teespring, and all of that changed.


The design is compressed in the Teespring preview, so here’s the full resolution image:

city tee 150dpi


Teespring is like Kickstarter for shirts. You make a design, set a reserve, and if the reserve is met, shirts are printed. If it fails to reach that reserve, the shirts aren’t printed and customers aren’t billed.

For this campaign, I’ve set a goal of 25 shirts. Standard tagless tees are $20 and are available in sizes S through 3XL; women’s premium tees are $22.50 and are available in sizes S through 2XL. A more comprehensive sizing guide can be found here.

In terms of profits, I stand to earn between $1.75 and $3.42 a shirt, depending on shirt type and color chosen. In other words, at a reserve of 25 shirts, I will earn between $43 and $85, depending on shirt types ordered. I’m telling you this to demonstrate something simple: I’m not here to make a lot of money. I wanted the shirts to be as inexpensive for you as possible, and the price points are about as low as I can make them.

The campaign ends on Sunday, August 2nd. That’s just a little under three weeks. I hope you’ll consider ordering a shirt; if not, maybe share it with your friends. In any case, thank you for all your support over the years, folks.

Oh, and that quote on the shirt? That’s from the opening lines of the final novel.