My Sunday Soundtrack: “Sing Along” by The Charlie Darwins

The Charlie Darwins

Full disclosure: This is my friend Gerald’s band. He asked me to write a blurb for it last year (which I did), but then the album was delayed due to various issues. The good news? It’s now available on iTunes, and I recommend you all check it out. Here’s what I had to say about it:

I discovered the music of Sonic Youth, The Pixies, and Nirvana at a time when that era was already fading, and I’ve always felt I was born about five years too late because of it. The first time I heard The Charlie Darwins, I was taken back to that point of discovery in my youth when every song had something new to say. Their own words sum up how I feel about their music: “It’s in my system / Now I know I need it.”

Those lyrics are taken from the song “Sing Along.” Here’s the video: