A Birthday Request

For a lot of people, today’s a religious holiday. For me, it happens to be my 32nd birthday. I’m now as old as Donovan Candle was in ALT (which is kind of funny to me because I was 23 when I wrote that story), but I digress.

Anyway, back on point: I have a request! I have a story coming out in a couple of days. It’s called THE OTHER LAND EXPRESS, the fifth entry in the UGLY LITTLE THINGS series. And I want you to tell your friends about it. A purchase/pre-order is nice, too, but I won’t twist your arm over $1.99.  The book is available on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. It’s also got a nice little page on Goodreads.


The Other Land Express

What I’m asking is that you share it, tweet it, blog it, do whatever you like to do when it comes to spreading the word about such things. My life has been crazy these last few weeks and I admittedly haven’t had much time to focus on this sort of thing, so . . . yeah. Any help you can throw my way in that respect is greatly appreciated. If you’ve already read the story, please leave a review. If you are a book reviewer and are interested in reviewing the story, please contact me!

So there it is. I’ll stop begging now and go enjoy my birthday. Have a good one, folks.