Five Tens with Glenn Rolfe at iHorror


Glenn Rolfe (whose latest novella ABRAM’S BRIDGE is pretty fucking great) put a gun to my head, gave me five topics, and told me to come up with ten favorites for each one. Here’s an example:

Ten Favorite Books That Would Surprise My Fans

Although I do maintain a steady diet of horror fiction, my tastes do go beyond the bounds of the genre. Here are ten books that fans of the Monochrome and Ugly Little Things may find surprising:

  • The New York Trilogy – Paul Auster
  •  The Stranger – Albert Camus
  •  The Canterbury Tales – Geoffrey Chaucer
  •  Shadow Without a Name – Ignacio Padilla
  •  The Summer Son – Craig Lancaster
  •  The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle – Haruki Murakami
  •  44, The Mysterious Stranger – Mark Twain
  •  City of Light, City of Dark – Avi & Brian Floca
  •  The Cheese Monkeys – Chip Kidd
  •  Neuromancer – William Gibson

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