2015: The Year of Getting Shit Done

We’re only twelve days into the year and I’m already behind on things. I guess I was behind on things before today, but whatever—the point is that I’m behind schedule on so many things, it’s not even funny.

Last year I wrote so much and yet accomplished so little in terms of new fiction. I currently have seven WIPs that are destined for release as ULT stories at some point. Every single one of them has stalled out somewhere in the process, either from my own malaise or complete lack of interest. There are days when the words are there; there are other days when you have to go digging for them. Lately it seems like all the words are buried—or worse, the stories themselves are buried, and I haven’t the desire to break out my shovel and pickax.

As my pal Mercedes says from time to time, “Suck it up, buttercup.”

I now dub 2015 the “Year of Getting Shit Done.”

Goals vs. Resolutions

Maybe it’s just semantics, but the word “resolution” carries with it an eye-rolling quality that I want to avoid. I need to be as positive as possible right now, so instead of “resolution,” I’m going to say I have “Goals.”

To demonstrate that I’m serious, I’ve written these goals on the Whiteboard of Woe:

Whiteboard of Woe - Q12015
In other news, I have atrocious handwriting.


Ambitious much?

Definitely. I don’t know how possible some of these are—10k down on NONENTITY seems insane to me right now—but goddammit, I have to try. I’m tired of being stagnant, and the only way I know to keep myself motivated is to set deadlines.

So . . . I’m setting a deadline of March 31st for everything listed above, and I intend to provide monthly updates on where things stand—starting with the 2014 sales recap this Friday.



P.S. Yes, the website looks different. We ran into some issues yesterday with the old theme, so I’ll be tweaking things in the coming days. If something looks weird or isn’t displaying properly, that’s probably why. I’ll write more about it later. In the meantime, let me know what you think of the new format!