Too quiet.

Dalton's Finest

Yes, things have been too quiet around here. At my editor’s suggestion, I’ve stepped back from all writing projects to clear my head and catch up on my reading. This means no blogging as well. Unfortunately this means I’m behind schedule with . . . well, everything. Monochrome and ULT, specifically. In taking on so many different projects, I inadvertently overwhelmed myself, and the result was a complete block. Stepping away from everything was a necessary evil.

The good news is that I’ve knocked out a few reads in the last few weeks, including King’s latest, REVIVAL, which you should all go read right now. Speaking of which, my goal for this coming week is to put together a massive “holiday buying guide” comprised of books you should consider buying and reading.

There’s also a big holiday broadcast coming up from The Geeky Writer gang on December 18th, during which I’ll be giving away a Christmas stocking full of goodies, so you don’t want to miss that one. I’ll post details in a separate entry.

That’s about it for now, I think. I hope my American readers had a great Thanksgiving; I hope my international friends are having a great weekend!

See you next week,