Anthony Rapino’s LOOSELY ENFORCED RULES is available now!


As  I mentioned last week, Anthony J. Rapino’s latest story, LOOSELY ENFORCED RULES, is one of the darkest things he’s ever written, and now you can find out for yourself just how dark it is. LOOSELY ENFORCED RULES is now on sale on Amazon for just $1.99. Here’s the synopsis:

Everyone has rules, whether they admit it or not. For Dave, Philly, and Sunshine, the rules meant everything. When Sunshine becomes cavalier with the group’s carefully laid plans, she puts everyone in jeopardy. Especially herself. 

Follow along in this dark story of home invasion with a twist, and discover why loosely enforced rules should never be broken. 

“Anthony J. Rapino goes for the jugular with LOOSELY ENFORCED RULES. Gory, cold, calculating—Rapino doesn’t hold back, and neither does his trio of anti-heroes in this unsettling story about a home invasion gone wrong. If you’re a fan of horror and slasher films, you do not want to miss this one.” –Todd Keisling, author of the Ugly Little Things series

There you have it, folks. Don’t delay. Go read it right now.