In which I’m interviewed by Downright Creepy:

Downright Creepy

Jacob Breuer at Downright Creepy cornered me this weekend with some interview questions about my writing process, the Monochrome Trilogy, and the upcoming ULT hardcover. Here’s a snippet:

DRC: Can you tell us a little bit about the conclusion to THE MONOCHROME TRILOGY? What can readers expect in NONENTITY?

TK: I’m still in the plotting stages of the final novel, but there are some things I’m willing to reveal: Readers can expect answers to a question they’ve been asking since A LIFE TRANSPARENT: “Who is Aleister Dullington?” The final novel will explore Dullington’s origins. It will also explore the outer regions of the Monochrome. Of course, we’ll also find out what’s happened to Donovan following the end of THE LIMINAL MAN, and how that book’s conclusion has affected the world. So far, NONENTITY is shaping up to be the darkest and most violent novel of the trilogy, and I can’t wait to ask readers a new question: “Who is Pontius Vile?”

You can read the full interview here.