A new level.


Todd’s been nothing but consistent with his ULT run. While some installments may lean closer to the dark side, each tale has been solid. But this one, this one takes everything to a new level. 

The folks at HNR have been incredibly kind to me over the last couple of years, and with the exception of ULT #3 (which Matt didn’t review–Vitina did, giving it a perfect score), my work has pulled in rankings of 4 & 4.5 on a fairly consistent basis. Like I said, they’ve been incredibly kind. Even I wouldn’t rank ALT that high–in my mind, it’s a 3.5 star novel–but if history will show anything, it’s that I’m my own worst critic.

Anyway, I’ve often wondered what I’d have to do to impress a horror aficionado like Matt and earn a perfect score. Last night, Matt Molgaard reviewed ULT #4: THE HARBINGER. He gave it a perfect score. Here’s a tiny preview of what he had to say:

Keisling, at this point, may have outdone himself. While I’m a massive, massive fan of A Life Transparent, The Harbinger is exponentially more terrifying. And it’s taboo (oh boy do I want to gush spoilers!) in a way that’s going to disturb a whole lot of readers. It’s not likely to turn the sensitive away in disgust, but there’s some touchy material here and it will indeed resonate. Controversial or not, the mechanics of The Harbinger are clearly refined, and the concept is about as alluring as they come.

Yeah. Needless to say, I was punching the air this morning when I read it. Be sure to click through and read the whole thing.

If you’re new here, or if you just haven’t read THE HARBINGER, you should get on that right now. It’s $3. Don’t be a miser.