Well, that took longer than expected.

Hi, folks.

Apologies all around to all five of you who still pay attention to this place. We didn’t expect to be down for as long as we were.  It was a combination of unexpected SQL corrections, migration headaches and general procrastination on our part.

I want to give a big thank you to my wife, Erica, who handles all of the tech stuff for this site. She’s incredibly patient, not only for putting up with one particular idiotic tech support drone with our new host, but for also putting up with my incessant questions and child-like repetition of “Is it done yet?”

So. Enough tech drabble. It’s giving me a headache. What’s happened in the last few weeks?

Well, for starters, I came to the conclusion that chapter three of the book isn’t finished. I considered cutting a character from the book and rewriting most of chapter two as well, but I liked what’s written in that chapter, and I want to explore the character in question just a bit, so I turned my attention to number three. I realized it’s
missing a lot of pieces, and shifting the focus entirely on a character who isn’t meant to have that much focus was putting a damper on things. After a late-night binge, I cranked out all of chapter three. I’m happy with it (for now). I also spent the weekend plotting out the next few chapters. Things are coming together. I estimate I’m a quarter of the way through the new book.

Working 9 hours a day is effectively killing my after-hours motivation for writing. This made me realize I’m not so young anymore. Sucks.

Anyway, since there’s been a freeze on blogging due to the site migration and downtime, I’ve turned to Twitter as a way to post updates (albeit with the brevity of 140 characters or less). Tweetdeck is a godsend for keeping track of the information that spews through that network. Anyway, if you’re into the whole brevity thing,
you can follow me on Twitter.

I’ll be making some small updates to the site – mainly adding some social networking links to the About frame (which isn’t back up yet).  All the pertinent stuff (the ALT section, the ALT sidebar links, the recommended & affiliate links) will be up in the next couple of days.  Probably tonight, but you never know with me.  Something always comes up, it seems.  Erica will also be playing around with the code, optimizing things so they load a bit faster.  We should have things back to normal with the week (again, you never know).

We are aware the RSS feed is currently down.  It’s being worked on.

So, in the meantime, thanks for sticking with us.  I hope to have something worthwhile for you folks to read very, very soon.


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