At long last, my good friend Eryk Pruitt’s debut novel DIRTBAGS went on sale this weekend. On my birthday, to be exact, and while I haven’t finished it, I’m far enough along to say that it’s good. Really good. If you like pulpy noir tales with a really dark sense of humor, you should check out this book. Here’s a synopsis:

In the southern town of Lake Castor, the old mill closed, and jobs vanished. But Calvin Cantrell doesn’t care for those jobs anyway. Instead, he dreams of becoming a famous serial killer. When sleazy restauranteur Tom London hires Calvin to kill his ex-wife, Calvin’s dreams begin. And so do Lake Castor’s nightmares.

Check out this hilarious trailer:

Dirtbags by Eryk Pruitt from Nick Karner on Vimeo.

DIRTBAGS is available now in print, on Kindle, and on Nook. Check it out!