ULT #4: THE HARBINGER – Available 4/4/14

The Harbinger

Welcome to Dalton, West Virginia, home to the famous toy company, Dalton Dollworks. Founded in the late 1970s, the Dollworks has built a reputation around its quaint, lifelike dolls—and now the company is poised to go worldwide.

Meet journalist Felix Proust. He’s been invited to Dalton for an exclusive interview with Maggie Eloquence, CEO of the Dalton Dollworks. Thing is, he’s been in town for all of five minutes and he already knows something isn’t quite right. The stench of manure is everywhere, all the adults seem to be over sixty, and the children regard him with silent contempt.

Felix isn’t about to let this odd town get to him. He does have a job to do, after all. But as the day wears on, Felix learns there’s more to Dalton than meets the eye, and that some dark secrets should remain buried deep in the earth at all costs . . .

THE HARBINGER is the latest entry in Todd Keisling’s Ugly Little Things series, offering a startling new vision of unsettling horror that leaves the reader holding their breath until the very end.

One thought on “ULT #4: THE HARBINGER – Available 4/4/14

  1. Creepy! And I can’t really believe I’m behind on reading ULT 😐 I seriously loved the first two stories! I’m sure I won’t be able to put this one down either.

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