Recession sales and site migration.

I want to take a sec to point everyone over to Keyhole Magazine’s store.  They’re running a “recession” sale right now and you can snag their current issue, as well as just about all their back issues, for a nice discount.  $20 will get you four issues.  In this economy, and with the cost of books these days, that’s an absolute steal.  Not only will you get some quality fiction and poetry, you’ll also help keep an indie publication alive and well.  So, head on over there and spend, spend, spend!

In other news, I took this week off from actual writing.  I’ve got a lot of notes for chapter 4, and I anticipate starting it either this weekend or early next week.

Also, the site will be experiencing some downtime this weekend as we prepare for migration to another host.

That’s about it for now.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.