ALT reviewed at Hellnotes!


I almost forgot to mention this! Fellow HNR contributor Wayne Rogers reviewed my first novel for Here’s an excerpt:

What makes this story so good is the underlying theme about how so many people are truly bored with their jobs and marriages and lives. Boy, did this novel hit the nail on the head. The fact is that the majority of people fit this description to a tee. They’re living their lives with a ho-hum attitude and don’t know how to change things for the better or to escape their dire predicament.

What Todd Keisling offers the reader is a supernatural answer to their apparent dilemma, which will hopefully open their eyes to the reality of their life and how lucky they actually are. Often times it takes something drastic to wake a person up so they can see what’s really holding them back. In most cases, it’s simply themselves and their fear of achieving the things they want.

Read the full review here.

More soon.