Mrs. Stabby reviews RADIO FREE NOWHERE!

Radio Free Nowhere

Yes, another review for RFN. Two in one day! Mrs. Stabby herself, Mercedes Yardley, author of the recently-released NAMELESS: THE DARKNESS COMEShad this to say about RFN:

I especially love the concept of short, dark pieces coming out bit by bit. I think it’s a fascinating idea and I’m looking forward to reading Keisling’s Ugly Little Things series.

Radio Free Nowhere is about a couple on a road trip who encounter something unearthly. I enjoyed the simple acceptance of the town’s inhabitants, and their warnings about what was to come. Keisling’s style of writing is somewhat like a steady, slow blink. He’s always in control, and this calmness adds a particular sinister element to his work that I especially enjoy.

This was an enjoyable start to the ULT series, and I also enjoyed the sample chapter of his longer work that was included.

Boom. Mercedes, I’m honored. Thank you!

RADIO FREE NOWHERE Is 99 cents on Amazon Kindle and is available right this very moment. If you’re new here, I have some terrible news: You’ve been living all this time without RFN in your life. You need it. You may not know it yet, but trust me, you need it. Go. Buy it. Devour it. And then come back next week when the next ULT story is released.