RADIO FREE NOWHERE is my first “bestseller.”

Radio Free Nowhere

Not long after I broke the street date and kicked off the release of RFN, the story shot to the top 20 list for Horror Short Stories on Amazon. It’s fluctuated up and down since then (currently sitting at #26 right now), but yesterday I happened to capture a screenshot of this:



The additional attention to this little story of mine had something to do with Kindle Nation Daily. To my complete surprise, they ran a spotlight about my work yesterday, highlighting that RFN is only 99 cents, as well as ALT, which is part of a countdown deal on Amazon right now (currently $1.99). With the added exposure, RFN became my first “bestseller,” as these were all paid downloads. Yes, the return on a 99 cent download isn’t much (35%, in fact), but the fact is I’ve sold more books in 48 hours than I have in the last three months. If I can replicate this with each subsequent ULT release in the coming months, I may be able to turn this thing around after all.

Thanks to all of you who’ve shared, tweeted, and posted about this release. And a big shout-out goes to Kindle Fire Daily. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

More soon.


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