Engineering Reality.

I’m taking a break from the publishing posts for a couple of days (video blog incoming this weekend!), so I thought I’d plug a new audiobook by my good friend, Anthony J. Rapino. That book is called REALITY ENGINEERS, and it’s on sale now from In Ear Entertainment.

Artwork by Michelle Harvey

You may recall In Ear from earlier this summer. They’re the same company that produced the audio anthology, EXQUISITE DEATH, which you can find on the sidebar to your right.

Here’s what I had to say on Facebook last night after finishing the story:

Tonight I finished the new audiobook REALITY ENGINEERS by Anthony Rapino. I emailed him earlier this week (I was about halfway through it at the time) and told him I found it “delightfully bizarre.” I still stand by that statement. If you like dark, funny horror akin to John Dies at the End, you should check out this novella. You should also check out his debut novel, SOUNDTRACK TO THE END OF THE WORLD, while you’re at it. And his collection, WELCOME TO MOON HILL (a small town in Eastern Pennsylvania which is also the setting of REALITY ENGINEERS). Do it. Because I said so.

And there you have it. It’s fun, it’s dark, it’s gory, it’s incredibly weird like a Twilight Zone episode, and if you’re in the US, it’s only $6.40 direct from In Ear. Downloads come in mp3 and mp4 format for easy compatibility with your favorite media player.

Go check it out!