October Things.

Apologies for the silence. Here’s what’s going on:

The Elephant in the Room

So TLM didn’t win. That’s how my week began. I’d be lying if I said I’m not even the slightest bit disappointed, but on the other hand, I’m grateful to have made it as far as I did. “2013 Indie Book Award Finalist” will look great in my bio.

Speaking of my Bio . . . 

I updated my Bio page to something that’s more . . . well, up to date. I also added a sub-page for my “curriculum vitae” outlining the last 10+ years of publications, articles, etc.

And speaking of publications . . . 

I received word today that my story, WHEN KAREN MET HER MOUNTAIN, from the forthcoming UGLY LITTLE THINGS collection, was accepted for publication in a horror anthology being put together by Forgotten Tombs press. The anthology is called MISERIA’S CHORALE: VOLUME ONE, and will be available digitally and in print. No word on a release date yet.

Edits, edits, edits.

Last week’s partial silence was due to working on edits of Karen’s story. A big shout-out goes to Amelia for helping me with this story. We had a 9/30 deadline for the anthology, and there’s no way the story would’ve been ready for submission without her insight. As for the other stories in the collection, she’s looking to get her edits and comments back to me by Thanksgiving, and then I’ll have all of December to address them. For now, everything is on track for an April release. We’re still trying to figure out logistics for a limited print run as well.


Bloody Bookish had this to say about TLM:

The Liminal Man is a thrilling, suspense-fueled ride with good and evil in a showdown, and the fate of one man inadvertently putting the lives of others in jeopardy. Add to that some evil little creatures, a bone-chilling underworld and forces that will stop at nothing until they get what they want, The Liminal Man kept me turning pages well into the night (and a little wary of taking the subway anymore, to be honest).

And that’s about it for now. More soon.