Live Interview: 9/14/13 + Questions Wanted!

Exquisite Death

Mark Chatterley, the one in charge over at In Ear Entertainment, is kicking off a new series of author interviews this Saturday with Yours Truly. This Saturday, 9/14, at 1 PM EST, Mark and I will broadcast live from Google Hangouts.

If all goes well, you will be able to watch a live stream of the broadcast here at In Ear’s Youtube channel.

We’re also asking that viewers post questions at the Facebook Event page. Questions can be about anything, and Mark will pick the best ones to toss my way. Want to know about the third Monochrome book? How about my forthcoming collection? Or do you just want to know what kind of shoes I wear? Ask me!

(Oh, and please RSVP at that Facebook Event page as well.)

We hope you’ll consider joining us!