Exquisite Death: 8/13/13

I completely forgot to mention this! I have a title and release date for that audio anthology in which one of my stories will appear.

Exquisite Death

The anthology is called EXQUISITE DEATH and it’s currently being produced by the geniuses across the pond at In Ear Entertainment. My story, RADIO FREE NOWHERE, one of the few I’ve managed to finish for ULT*, is included along with work by fellow horror authors Anthony Rapino, Mercedes Yardley, Benjamin Ethridge, and Cate Gardener. The collection is slated for release on 8/13/13 exclusively through In Ear’s website, and is expected to be around $5 USD.

So if you want some good horror fiction, and if you want a chance to read a story from my forthcoming collection before publication next year, this is the anthology for you.

More soon . . . once I get my shit sorted out.