Head meets desk.

What a lousy week.

(Seriously, this is going to be one of those posts, so if you don’t want to read me bitching and whining, just wait for the next entry. Or go read something else.)

I’m on a self-imposed deadline right now. My goal is to have five stories ready for Amelia by the end of August. She’s expecting them because I told her to expect them.

The stories I have ready for her? Three. After I finished the titular story of UGLY LITTLE THINGS, I took some time away to let the creative juices stew for a bit and focus on real life things. I went on vacation. I bought furniture. I caught up on my reading and played some video games. And then, about two weeks ago, I returned to a story that I’d been thinking about since March. I dabbled for a while, but I ran into some issues, so I switched gears, set it aside, and moved on to the next story on my list.

GIRLS FROM THE INTERNET was supposed to be a quick horror story about two guys who are lured to a sorority house populated with strange women who want to devour them. I struggled with the beginning and the voice for most of last week, and then on Sunday I figured those things out and set off at a steady clip. Seriously steady—I have 5k words in the current draft, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Except the story had changed from what I needed it to be. In fact, it had changed so much that it necessitated a title change, as “Girls From the Internet” just didn’t cut it anymore. Furthermore, after I stopped working on the story yesterday afternoon, I had an epiphany: I simply don’t give a shit about the characters or the story itself. And if I don’t care, why would a reader?

Frustrated, I decided to set it aside and work on something else. I’ve still got the story I was working on before (the other one that gave me problems), I’ve got some unwritten ideas, and I’ve got a pair of old stories from the archives that are begging for rewrites. Right now I’m leaning toward finishing the first troublesome story and rewriting one of the older ones.

The unfinished drafts will sit in a folder until I’m ready for the second volume of UGLY LITTLE THINGS several years from now. The plan is to do a volume of short stories between novels. That is, of course, if I can even complete the first volume.

So I have a month left to go. If you’ve read this far, thanks for listening to me bitch. Carry on.


One thought on “Head meets desk.

  1. Keep plugging along…the stories, will, at length, see the light of day. I was once working on a drawing and got through two thirds of it until I found it so tedious that I put it in a drawer and didn’t take it out again, so great was my hatred for it. A year l found it and thought, hey, that’s really good! An hour later, it was finished. If it makes you feel better, I already care about what happens to Jeff. His friend, not so much. His friend was a douche.

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