Methods, madness, and other things.

Matt Molgaard’s team over at Horror Novel Reviews have gone crazy with top ten lists over the last couple of weeks, and after seeing list after list after list I decided I’d drop my hat into the ring and write one of my own. It went live yesterday.┬áMy list outlines ten books that were very influential to me and my writing style over the years, and although there will be some predictable titles on that list, I’m willing to bet most of them will surprise you.

In other news: work continues on the collection, although I’ve stumbled this week with my current story. I had a lengthy chat with Amelia yesterday about it, discussing why I think it isn’t working and possible remedies. I’m hesitant to set the story aside because it’s a strong one, but if it’s dragging me down I’ll be better off cutting it loose–if only for a little while. Being preoccupied with another, bigger story this week also didn’t help my focus:

So it begins . . .

Yeah, so that happened. I’m still a ways off from starting the novel, and even a longer way off from completion, but this is the first step.

I’ve seen sketches for the upcoming audio anthology’s cover art. It looks great, and I can’t wait to see the finished product. They’re still working on a title for the anthology, though, or else I would’ve told you already. Once I’ve heard back from them I’ll post about it here (and across the usual social channels).

That’s about it for now.

More soon,